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This site has as objective to introduce the persons, researches, publications and activities of the researchers and calibrated students who work within LabMÉCAS or who use it for research aims.


Recent news


A report on Mécanika in the Canal Savoir

ImageThe episode 43 of the season 5 of the Campus TV show form Canal Savoir and Télé Québec deals with Mécanika. The Mécanika project was developed by LabMÉCAS (mobile Laboratory for the study of the progresses of learning in science) and designed and programmed by François Boucher-Genesse, during his master's degree in education at the University of Québec in Montréal. This educational video game counts among the finalists of the 2012 edition of the competition Strengths FUTURE, in the category " Future, company, communication and education ". Mécanika aims at favoring the acquisition of knowledge in mechanical physical physics, at helping the young people of the high school to integrate the subject learnt in class more quickly and to keep it longer in memory. During the game, none equations to be learnt, or of theoretical text to be read. The players have to manage robots to destroy a machine deviant whose circuits are unsettled. Their actions reproduce effects of impulse, acceleration and gravity, notions were associated with the mechanical physics. François Boucher-Genesse and Martin Riopel from the EREST are interviewed in this report. More information here.



The magazine " LES DIPLÔMÉS " of the University of Montreal speak about Mécanika

ImageThe magazine " LES DIPLÔMÉS " of the University of Montreal speak about Mécanika (pages 11-12-13). Mécanika is an educational video game realized by members of the ÉREST and the LabMÉCAS of the UQAM. Click here to see the article



Conference on the effects of the Quebec's school reform on the development of the skill of resolution of problem in science and technology and on the attitudes of the pupils


THE EREST is happy to invite you to a conference on the effects of the Quebecois school reform on the development of the skill(competence) of resolution of problem in science and technology and on the attitudes of the pupils. She(it) will be given by Patrice Potvin, Jean-Guillaume Dumont, François Boucher-Genesse and Martin Riopel in the room N3785 of the Detached house(Flag) Gérin-Lajoie of the UQAM on April 18th, 2012 at noon. 




François Boucher-Genesse has just obtained his master's degree with distinction

ImageFrançois Boucher-Genesse  Master's essay in sciences of the education has just been accepted without compulsory revision with the mention "excellent". François Boucher-Genesse, an EREST student is writing a research article on the serious games. Congratulations François!



The " carrefour éducation" talk about Mécanica

ImageThe “carrefour education”, in an article on serious games talk  about Mécanica from Labmécas and EREST. According to their researches, the game Mécanika allows the teenagers to retain better the various notions than with the traditional teaching! To see the article, click here.



A report on the work of LabMECAS, will be broadcast on the Radio-Canada tv show “Découverte”



A report on the work of LabMECAS, of UQAM will be broadcast on the Radio-Canada tv show “Découverte” this Sunday 5 February between 18: 30 and 19: 30. This report will focus on the effects of the use of a video game on the learning of physics. You can see François Boucher-Genesse and Martin Riopel.


In replay Saturday following to RDI to 20: 00 and on the site of Découverte .




Physica is a topic of Convergence magazine

Convergence magazine conducted an interview with Patrice Potvin, Martin Riopel, and Francois Boucher-Genesse from the EREST. It addresses the game Physica alongside articles concerning renowned serious games such as Of Assassin Creed. Physica allows students to learn concepts of physics while having fun. This game suggests settling situations against intuitive to understand the pricipes of the forces related with the movement. In the article, they also speak about Mécanique animée and SpatioPet.



Launch at UQAM of "The island Physica" and its video games : Mécanika, Mécanique Animée and Spatiopet

Lancement à l\'UQAM de « L\'Île Physica » et de ses jeux vidéo

Thursday, September 29, 2011, the University of Quebec at Montréal launched The island Physica. This platform brings together three games for adolescents to enable them to integrate the physics concepts learned in class. This project was produced jointly by CREO, a Quebec-based company of serious games, and by the LabMÉCAS the mobile laboratory for the study of pathways of learning in science at UQAM.



The Mecanika application, of François Boucher-Genesse, is the latest breaking news in the UQAM’s newspaper.

Patrice Potvin, François Boucher-Genesse et Martin Riopel

Mecanika, an educational video game developed by the Laboratoire mobile pour l'étude des cheminements d'apprentissage en science (LabMécas)  in partnership with CREO, a company from Quebec directed by the graduate Caroline Julien (B.A. multi-media communication, 02) aims at acquiring competences in mechanical physics. The players must direct robots by applying principles of mechanical physics. This application is , is the latest breaking news in the UQAM’s newspaper and on Internet site of the university:



Julien Mercier presents his research works

Julien MercierWe continue our series of short videos featuring members of the team. This time, Julien Mercier, EREST member and professor at UQAM, talks about his work on cognitive processes and learning neuroscience (among teachers and students) in the context of complex tasks. Click here or click on "Videos" menu of the website.


Recent publications

Does Classroom Explicitation of Initial Conceptions Favour Conceptual Change or is it Counter-Productive? Does Classroom Explicitation of Initial Conceptions Favour Conceptual Change or is it Counter-Productive?
Patrice Potvin, Julien Mercier, Patrick Charland et Martin Riopel
Research in science education
Publication year : 2011

Faire des élèves des perroquets
By Patrice Potvin
Published on http://www.centpapiers.com
March 18, 2010

Secondaire : Le milieu craint le plan de la ministre Patrice Potvin contributed to an article in La Presse newspaper published on March 18, 2010.

Utilisation des technologies pour la recherche en éducation scientifique
Martin Riopel, Patrice Potvin, Jesús Vázquez-Abad
Editions MultiMondes
Publication year : 2009
Regards multiples sur l'enseignement des sciences
Patrice Potvin, Martin Riopel, Steve Masson
Editions MultiMondes
Publication year : 2007