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This site has as objective to introduce the persons, researches, publications and activities of the researchers and calibrated students who work within LabMÉCAS or who use it for research aims.


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Marc Couture presents his works

ImageWe continue our series of short videos featuring team members. This time, Marc Couture, EREST member and professor at the Télé-université, talks about his work on disciplinary simulations which he creates and uses as part of his research on problem-solving. Click HERE to see the video, or click on "Videos" menu of the website.



The educational game PHYSICA, created by François Boucher-Genesse, nominated for an Numix award

François Boucher-Genesse The Numix were created to showcase the excellence of Quebec's multimedia productions and the quality of creative artisans in digital media. This contest is aiming the industry professionals in digital media and interactive. Submitted productions are evaluated in terms of quality and originality of the screenplay, directing, design and appropriate use of technology. Physica, educational computer game developed by François Boucher-Genesse, a master degree student in education at UQAM, directed by Martin Riopel and Patrice Potvin and associated to LabMECAS, is one of three productions in the running for top honors in interactive original production category : Youth. More than 100 works were submitted in various categories of the competition. The winners will be announced May 18 at National Monument.



New appearance in the prestigious journal "Research in Science Education"

In an article directed by Patrice Potvin, and from its work on electronic challenges at LabUQAM, the research team in science and technology education (EREST) from UQAM has just published an article that addresses the pedagogic relevance of explicitation of naive conceptions in class by the students. Click HERE pour for more information.



Are today's students more proficient in their science class and technology as the students before the Reformation?

To help answer this question, Patrice Potvin and his team LabMÉCAS have developed a research project. Click HERE to read the article (french).



SpatioPet is officialy online, by the LabUQAM

Through noisy "farts", move a "unicellular whaleSpatioPet remote controlled" in space to a target while testing your "sense of mechanics. Created by experts in science education, the game, available for free, also allow to create game footage sent to users or physics students. Hours of fun and flatulation ... to learn physics. http://spatiopet.labmecas.uqam.ca



François Boucher-Genesse and Patrice Potvin at the "Meaningful Play 2010"

François Boucher-Genesse & Patrice PotvinIt was at the congress "Meaningful Play 2010" held last week at Michigan State University that Francois Boucher-Genesse, scholarship student directed by Martin Riopel, and Patrice Potvin, Professor, presented their research, development and the educational games they have created to promote the learning of physics-mechanics that they have tested using the LabMECAS. Mecanika & Spacefart were very popular and was presented at a conference, a poster session and post-show demonstration.
Click HERE to see the pictures.



First exits of the LabMECAS infrastructure for the 2010-2011 school year

It is from this week (29 and 30 September) that Elaine Turmel, Francois Boucher-Genesse and Frédérick Fortin have organized and administered the first two outings of LabMECAS for the 2010-2011 school year. These outings, done in a high school and college, correspond to playtests with the game "Mécanika" and the first data taking (pre-experimental) of the project "Étude neurodidactique du rôle du doute dans les apprentissages scientifiques qui nécessitent des changements conceptuels". The data was successfully sent to the server and are awaiting a preliminary analysis. Congratulations to all for these real successes!

Click HERE to see the pictures.



The team members present their work!

Salim Sader We continue our series of short videos featuring members of the team and their work. This time, Salim Sader, a masters student in education at UQAM under the direction of Martin Riopel, discusses his research on predictors of performance in international tests. Click HERE to see the video, or visit the website.



The team members present their work!

Romain Paris We continue our series of short videos featuring members of the team and their work. The series continues with a presentation of a few minutes from Romain Paris, a trainee at LabMECAS and computer engineering student who talks about his training and what he has done with its director Frederic Fournier. Click HERE to see the video, or visit the website.



The team members present their work!

We start from today a series of short video featuring members of the team and their work. The series begins with a presentation of a few minutes of Francois Boucher-Genesse, computer analyst and a masters student in education who talks about his research project. In a few days, other team members we will promote their activities. Click HERE to see the video, or visit the website.


Recent publications

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Carole Raby, Annie Charron
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Publication year : 2009
Science et religion en éducation
Michael Schleifer, Victoria Talwar
Presses de l'Université du Québec
Publication year : 2009
Apprendre et enseigner la technologie
Patrick Charland, Frédéric Fournier, Martin Riopel, Patrice Potvin
Editions MultiMondes
Publication year : 2009